Monday, December 14, 2009

The Busiest December that I can Remember

My little boy asked me why I am always rushing the other day. While its an indictment on our society these days, its also representative of how busy this December has been for me with real estate. Last year was busy with closings, but this year I've had 4 closings, 4 ratified contracts, 2 additional purchase offers, showings with 2-3 clients a day, several listing appointments, and 6 Broker Price Opinions (pricing foreclosures for the banks), not to mention my normal prospecting activities.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy (thrilled really) for the business, but I must admit its a bit shocking for this time of year. I think its mostly a result of the tax credit (and recent extension), but its also some pent-up demand for sellers to get back in the market, as well as indicative of a barrage of foreclosures about to hit the market in January and February of 2010.

All of this activity causes me to take this time to pause and reflect on the present and enjoy my family and working in a career that I am truly passionate about. Thank goodness for the internet helping out with the holiday shopping!

One can only hope that 2010 brings as much good fortune as I've experienced in 2009, but I do need to remember every once in a while to take it all in and "smell the coffee!"

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