Tuesday, November 17, 2009

National Recycling Day helps remind us of the need to Go Green!

National Recycling Day just occurred on Sunday November 15th and that fact helps spur me to impore you to begin and/or continue to recycle and think about how to Go Green! I had been thinking about going for my GREEN real estate designation with the NAR and I took this as the perfect opportunity to actually do it.

What does Going Green and recycling really mean? At its core, its about sustainability of the earth and preservation of its beauty, but more importantly its natural resources for future generations.

There are so many ways to Go Green, but the simplest and easiest way is to start recycling. Here you need to start by separating your trash into compostable (i.e. food and other natural items that will decompose), aluminum, plastic, and non-compostable trash (which is the only item that will continue to go to the landfill). You can use the compostable materials to develop into mulch, transfer the plastic and aluminum to the appropriate recycling centers, and then what you send to the landfills will be only a small fraction of what it is today.

Other great ways to go green include the following:
Recycling rainwater (called greywater) to use for irrigation and toilets. Enhancing your energy efficiency by upgrading appliances, heating and air systems, sealing areas within the home including in the attic and crawl space, upgrading to energy saving double-paned windows, and decreasing your usage of utilities by turning off lights, televisions, computers & faucets when your not using them. Also, you can even use local and federal tax credits and incentives to off-set capital costs of long-term fixes like solar arbors, solar panels, and small wind power generators. Finally, many of us can move to hybrid automobiles and/or other upcoming options like electric or battery-powered.

To learn more about green building products visit the following website:

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