Monday, November 2, 2009

The Early Bird Gets the Worm!!!

How many of us have heard the old proverb that the "Early Bird Gets the Worm?" Well, while this phrase rings true for many aspects of life, its especially true for real estate.

For agents, the one that calls first usually converts the lead to a buyer and the one that calls first for a listing appointment usually gets it.

For buyers, the ones to call their agents to see foreclosures on Day 1 that they hit the mark and the ones that make the first offer are normally the ones to get their offer accepted. The same is true for price reductions - they really stimulate activity for aged listings and so a house that had no activity will sometimes suddenly get a huge set of showings. Be the first and that good deal could be yours.

One key here for buyers - you need to be working with a responsive Realtor who understands this fact about how the early bird gets the worm. If not, someone else may get your worm (aka good deal or dream home) leaving you high and dry.

Just a thought from this rainy weather we've been having!

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