Sunday, December 11, 2011

November 2011: Contrasting Powhatan vs. Goochland County

Powhatan and Goochland County are interesting and a relevant part of the Richmond-area real estate market, as they are adjacent Western counties (Goochland is North of Powhatan) where local suburbanites often flock to when they are looking for larger lots and/or significant acreage, but still within a reasonable commute to employment, shopping and dining centers. Often, Goochland will get migrations from Henrico County and Richmond City, while Powhatan will get more transplants from Chesterfield. Goochland has the Westcreek business park with many significant corporations located there, including Capital One, and is also home to portions of the highly prestigious River Road corridor and the Hermitage Country Club. Powhatan on the other hand, has slightly less luxury homes but a broader depth of homes at all price ranges and generally is more upscale than say Amelia County(to the South).

The attached charts will really tell the tale of the November 2011 market in these areas. As always, if you have questions about this blog or want to know more, then simply call me at 804-307-2589, email me at or visit my webpage at!

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